One-click Outreach and In-reach
for Screening Round

A recruiter spends on an average 45 minutes in screening a resume, first screening round and scheduling for interview. Recruitment Chabot “Neural” can help the recruiter in doing all that in average 4 minutes per candidate, providing more time to analyze the profiles.

Multi channel AI chatbot and Live Conversation for your candidates. One central platform for recruiters and your business

Every screening round and other conversations across every channel is aggregated on a single platform so that every chat empowers you with data to make decision making easy and provides amazing experience to candidates on their preferred channels

Integrated Conversations

Neural soon will have integrations with all the leading conversation platforms like email, WhatsApp, SMS, voice, and many more channels that we are adding. It will also integrate with leading softwares such as ATS, and other business tools like GCalendars, Salesforce, HRMS etc. Enrich the candidate’s and recruiters’ experience and make your hiring 5 times faster

After Neural Chat Bot screening and Interview Scheduling, Recorded Interviews can add another level of ease and scale

Provide candidates with questions to record answers for, and view them at your own ease and scale your hiring without hassle. Share the interviews with your hiring team and collect their feedback. Save time and make candidates feel comfortable at the same time

1 Screening and Scheduling Chatbot
2 Video answers recording
3 Viewed by HR
4 Shared with the team

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