We help you hire right and save time with help of our Conversational AI

Reach thousands of candidates with a single click and let “Neural” collect the data for screening round, schedule the interviews, and record video interviews

Outreach and

AI and Natural Language Understanding-powered one click outreach and bot screening for each profile


Schedule and Automate

Schedule with a single click, bot integrated scheduler that works seamlessly with your and hiring team’s calendar


Recorded and Live
Video Interviews

Manage Pipeline, Hiring Team’s Time and candidate experience through inbuilt recorded interviews and review them anytime


Why AI in hiring


Candidate experiences an amazing hiring process. Connects instantly and is updated through AI Automation which results in great reviews from candidate and interview point of view. Candidates would never feel ghosted ever again.


We make sure that human touch increases as NeuralDay becomes a recruiter’s best friend and takes away the repetitive tasks, leaving time for recruiter to analyze, empathize, and be available for candidate throughout the process.


An enterprise pays 15 to 20% of an Employee’s salary in recruiting cost i.e. ~3K for low end and around 15 to 20K for high end job Companies can use NeuralDay to shorten their hiring cycle, gather analytics on candidates’ profiles, get AI powered shortlisting, and make informed decision.

Why Should You Choose

We are transforming recruitment tech

We are bringing best tech solutions to augment talent hiring. We are here to disrupt recruitment tech

We are available

We are available to our partners round the clock. We make sure that we help you hire right in least possible time


Your data is safe with us. We use state of the art tech and encryption services to safe guard your data

We take the

We take off what has become repetitive. We empower you with what GenZ loves to work around. We save time and make you 5 times more efficient. With a single click

World Class

We integrate ourselves with solutions that you already use (Google, ATS) and tech that candidates already use (WhatsApp, SMS, LinkedIn)


We bring advice of psychologists and tech experts to bring the two world together and help you hire through compassion moulded through technology

Let’s hire together

Start hiring now with a 15-day free trial. Or talk to our recruitment specialists about your hiring
plans and set up an AI platform to help you hire fast and smart