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Let our conversational AI chatbot handle the scheduling, so you can focus on finding the perfect fit for your organization

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Manual scheduling often leads to delays, missed opportunities, and increased administrative burdens.

With our automated scheduling solution, you can overcome these obstacles and optimize your hiring process for efficiency and effectiveness.


Hours saved per recruiter every week


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Automate your recruiting workflows using artificial intelligence for faster hiring

Intelligent Calendar Integration

Neuralday seamlessly integrates with your existing calendar system, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. It analyzes your availability and eliminates scheduling conflicts, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Candidate Self-Scheduling

Empower candidates by providing them with a user-friendly interface to select interview slots that work best for them. By giving candidates control over scheduling, you enhance their experience and demonstrate your commitment to a candidate-centric hiring process

Real-Time Notifications 

Stay informed about every step of the scheduling process. Receive instant notifications when a candidate selects an interview slot, when a time slot is about to expire, and when changes occur. Stay in the loop without the need for constant manual monitoring

Automated Reminders

Reduce no-shows and increase interview attendance rates with automated reminders sent to candidates and hiring managers. Reminders can be customized and sent via email ,SMS, or Whatsapp ensuring that everyone involved is well-prepared and ready for the interview.

Seamless Time Zone Management

Simplify the scheduling process, even when dealing with candidates in different time zones. Our platform automatically detects and adjusts for time zone differences, eliminating the confusion and potential errors associated with coordinating interviews across geographical boundaries

Customize chatbot workflows according to your unique requirements

Neuralday works as per your needs. We customize all the conversations as per the need of your organization.

Why Neuralday ?

Future of recruiting will be

Data Centric

Candidate Experience Focused

Conversational and Productivity Centered

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