AI-based Conversational Screening for Effective Candidate Assessments

Say goodbye to traditional and manual screening methods and embrace a conversational approach powered by advanced AI

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Manual screening can be time-consuming, subjective, and prone to biases

With Neuralday enhance the evaluation process, gain valuable insights, and make informed hiring decisions based on data-driven assessments.

Natural Language Understanding

Our AI technology possesses advanced natural language processing capabilities, enabling it to understand and interpret candidate responses in a conversational manner. It comprehends nuances, context, and meaning, resulting in a more accurate and insightful evaluation.

Customizable Screening Questions

Tailor the screening questions to suit your specific job requirements and organizational needs. Craft questions that assess key competencies, behavioral traits, technical skills, and cultural fit. Our AI-based Conversational Screening solution will engage candidates in meaningful conversations based on the defined criteria.

Real-Time Candidate Feedback

Receive real-time feedback on candidate responses during the screening process. Our AI technology analyzes candidate answers and provides instant insights on their suitability, strengths, and areas for further exploration. This helps you make immediate assessments and move qualified candidates forward.

Candidate Evaluation Analytics

Gain in-depth analytics and metrics on candidate performance throughout the conversational screening process. Measure factors such as communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and domain expertise. Leverage this data to compare candidates objectively and make well-informed decisions.

Integration with ATS

Seamlessly integrate our AI-based Conversational Screening solution with your existing ATS. Simplify the workflow by capturing and storing screening results directly in the ATS, ensuring a unified and efficient recruitment process from initial screening to final selection

Screen for different roles all at once

Our Conversational AI chatbot reaches out to all the candidates who have applied for the job roles all at once providing you a rich data set and pre analysis for hiring mangers to make initial decisions from before scheduling the qualified candidates

Add value to your business through AI Automation Workflows

Leverage the power of conversational AI recruiting


Hi Sanket. My name is Neural, I am an AI assistant to the Recruiter at Acme Inc.

You started with your screening round but did not complete it? Are you still interested?

14. 25

Yes, but currently I am travelling. Can you approach me after 6 hours

9. 41 AM

Definitely. I will remind you after 6 hours

14. 25

Thank you so much!!

9. 41 AM

I am here to help you with your end to end hiring journey. You can ask me anything about Neuralday

14. 25

Can you connect me to the recruiter once?

9. 41 AM





Enhanced Candidate Experience

Our AI-powered conversational interface creates a comfortable and user-friendly environment for candidates to showcase their skills and abilities.

Improved Quality of Hire

By leveraging AI to conduct in-depth conversational screenings, you increase the chances of selecting candidates who truly align with your requirements

Insightful Candidate Insights

Gain valuable insights into candidate strengths, weaknesses, and overall suitability through the conversational screening process.

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