The future of hiring with Conversational AI

The future of hiring with Conversational AI

Increase your hiring speed and recruitment productivity with Neuralday’s Recruitment Chatbot – The fully integrated Conversational AI chatbot for recruiting.

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Omnichannel Recruitment Platform built around Communications

Faster Scheduling, Better Engagement, Improved Joining Ratio



Reduction in time to hire

Reduction in time to hire


Cost Reduction



Hours saved per recruiter every week

Hours saved per recruiter every week

Automate your recruiting workflows using artificial intelligence for faster hiring

Hire 24/7 and engage with 100% of candidates

Neuralday’s Chatbot works 24/7 to engage with 100% of candidates and gather data through meaningful and human-like conversations so that your recruiters can focus on their core responsibilities.

Get shortlisted candidates on your calendar, automatically

Neuralday's recruitment chatbot asks qualifying questions in a conversational manner and filters through the long list of candidates to only allow the shortlisted ones to book interviews with your recruiters or hiring managers

Reduce TAT and manual follow ups 

With shortlisted candidates directly booking available slots on your recruiters' calendars, you get a significantly reduced turnaround time. Automated follow ups for unresponsive candidates also free up your team's time to focus on more important tasks. 

Provide a superior and personalized candidate experience

Qualified and Disqualified candidates get automated updates about their candidature, helping recruiters to improve their Candidate Experience Score

Improve Joining Ratio

Candidate Engagement is one of the most important inputs to improve Joining Ratio. Neuralday helps you engage candidates throughout the hiring journey and helps you improve Joining Ratio

Customize chatbot workflows according to your unique requirements

Neuralday works as per your needs. We customize all the conversations as per the need of your organization.

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